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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lady Gaga goes Godiva: Singer strips naked from ghoulish banshee outfit as she performs at G-A-Y

She never fails to shock and entertain her fans, with one outrageous outfit following another.So as Halloween draws closer, Lady Gaga took inspiration from ghosts and ghouls and stripped naked as she performed in a banshee costume at G-A-Y on Friday.
The 27-year-old singer appeared on stage looking pale and ethereal in a long, white petticoat-style gown.She sported a long frazzled blonde wig and enhanced her already porcelain skin with a dusting of white powder on her hands and neck.

She also lined her eyes with white shadow and eyeliner and made her eyebrows paler, while she also reminded fans that she was still in the land of the living with a touch of blusher and rose-pink lips.
Gaga made the most of her floaty outfit and long wild hair, moving her arms around in an exaggerated fashion as she performed.
The controversial singer proceeded to surprise her audience, throwing off her gown to reveal her nudity and waving her arms in the air.
The star recently told The Independent that there are messages behind her fashion choices and her song lyrics.
She said: ‘all of my songs have meaning, all of my clothing has iconography buried into it.
‘But by the same token, [my work] is just as special if you look at it in its shallowest form. The point is that it’s memorable. [To make] commercial art be taken seriously is a difficult task.’
Gaga is currently preparing for the release of her third album ARTPOP, which is set to be released on 11 November.
She is also set to star in a special episode of The Muppets in a 90-minute special on American network ABC.
Sir Elton John and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are among the other guests who will be a part of the show.
Lady Gaga & The Muppets' Holiday Spectacular will air on 28 November, which is Thanksgiving in the US.
Lady Gaga is also set to perform on Sunday's X Factor live show.

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