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Friday, January 31, 2014

Pokello: Ex-BBA Star Slams her “Biggest Hater”

There are a few celebrities you don’t want to mess with on social network. because they’ll personally come after you. They include Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Joan Rivers…and now Pokello.
The Big Brother Africa: The Chase star has had it with one of her “haters” who constantly comments on her Instagram posts and makes reference to her leaked sex tape.
Check it out!

Pokello - January 2014 - BellaNaija 01
Let me introduce to you all, my biggest hater. Her name is @langagwelo. You want to be famous? I will make it easy for u. Let this be a point of reference to anyone else who feels the need to share their vast and intricate knowledge of me. I have noticed your comments on my posts several times dear @Langagwelo so now let me school u. You said I didn’t have O’level education? Ur dad must have been one of my Teachers.
I suggest u use ur $1 airtime the same u log onto Instagram to google Monash University Graduating Class of 2009. U seem to like mentioning my leaked sextape or informing people about its existence it is Unfortunate that ur desires to see my life crumble after the sextape could not be fulfilled. sweetheart, the downfall of my Vagina is not the downfall of my Brain!
Last time I checked I had 6 pageant titles, a high-end store and was making headlines in newspapers way before that sextape. So I’m sorry that u r so affected by why a Ho like me is famous but I guess either ur mother shit you or slept with so many men the night u were conceived, becoz it’s only such a challenging start to life that can lead u monitor the activities of my vagina and it’s occupants.
I’m rather empathetic with ur own case becoz neither yourself or ur mother have managed to use ur very ‘beautiful’ and ‘reputable’ punani’s to even ascertain the services of an Orthodontist. My life pains u very much and I must sincerely apologise for that. Bye Hater!
        Source BellaNaija
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