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Friday, February 7, 2014

I can go nude to save life— Debota Lawson

What are you working on presently?,I’m working with a lot of producers on some projects.
Apart from being a model, what other things people don’t know about you?
I’m not just a model, I’m also a business woman. I am a trained Accountant and a media personality with varied experience which I acquired within and outside the shores of Africa. I have passion for acting, and so far, I’m enjoying every opportunity that has come my way. I’ve been blessed to have worked with some of the best brains in Nollywood.

How do you describe yourself?
I am a legend in the making. I am also a wonderful, hard working, talented , charismatic, passionate and God fearing lady.
How did you clinch the crown as Miss Nigeria United Kingdom?
I’ve always seen myself as a queen right from childhood. I admired beauty Queens from all over the world, and wished I would be one of them some day. I’ve participated in several pageants while growing up before I won Miss Nigeria UK.
As a multi-talented Nigerian, why did you choose acting?
Acting allows me to showcase all my talents. Playing different characters in movies excites me. Acting wasn’t my first love, but somehow we found each other. Now,I live, breathe, eat and drink the world of acting.
Besides acting, what do you think you would have done better?
I really have not given it a thought. But I think I want to remain focused and trust God for a direction.
When did you join acting and how has the journey so far?
It’s over a year since I delved into acting.
What can you sacrifice in the name of acting?
If I have a challenging role to play which compels me to be on diet as well as change my looks, then I can afford to make such sacrifice in the interest of my career.
Why did you relocate from UK to Nigeria?
Home, sweet home. Home is where the action lies.
How far can you go to interpret a role in a movie?
A very long way. I take my job seriously.
Would you say, you set out to become an actress?
I never saw it coming. Acting found me and I accepted and fell in love with it. I had high ambition while growing up. But showbiz was like a hobby to me.
What do you have to say about your Nigerian fans?
My fans support and encourage me. I mean without them I wouldn’t be getting the recognition that I am enjoying today. I love my fans not just my Nigerian fans alone, but from other parts of the world.
How can you describe your journey into Nollywood?
It’s been really challenging because I find out that I have to work extra hard to make my mark in the industry. I tried not to allow the past glory affect my work.
Which part of your body do you think is your selling point?
My face and my sexy legs.
Do you have any rret as an actress?
Not at all. At least, not for now.
What would you say was your most awkward moment in life?
Being chased by a dog during my secondary school days and everyone was watching me.
What is your take on lesbianism that seems to be very common in the entertainment industry. Have you experience it?
I’m not interested in any sexual orientation and I haven’t fallen a victim before now. But that does not suggest that I don’t get approached.
Have you been sexually harassed in the industry?
No, thank God.
Are you in any relaotionship at the moment and what does love mean to you?
Yes, I am in a relationship. For me, loving someone and being loved is the best feeling in the world.
What does sex mean to you?
Sex should be intimate expression of love between two people who are crazy about each other. Ideally, a man and wife.
Who is an ideal man to you?
He has to be kind, hard working and God fearing.Looks are also important but not a barrier.
What can make you end a relationship with the opposite sex?
Lies.I can’t stand liars.
Can you completely go nude for anything?
To save a life may be… Laughing.
What has fame robbed you of?
My privacy and on other hand, the freedom to do whatever I like. As I have to always been conscious of people who look up to me and those who are watching me at every moment.
Would you quit acting for any reason?
No, I can only retire when I’m old and grow grey hair.
What do you set out to achieve in 2014 looking at 2013?
Year 2013,was an eye opener to me, and I made a lot of drastic decision and changes in my life. However, I don’t remember having any major regrets.
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