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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Skales officially parts ways with EME

We all saw this coming right? Skales has parted ways with EME records .His contract expired and they decided not to renew his contract because it wasn't profitable any more. They have spent alot on him though the years and haven't recouped their investment .All traces of EME has been deleted from his social media accounts .Though unsigned, he is with management.
Wizkid and Skales were signed in 2010 and Skales who was signed on as a rapper later transformed into a singer. Banky had once told a magazine that his mistake was not letting Skales fully develop or find his niche before signing him.Contrary to rumours that the label asked him to sing, it was actually Skales who decided to start singing. Perhaps looking at his mate Wizkid succeed in music made him lose his initial stance as a rapper

The Netng also confirmed this from Banky W..

Wish him the best..He is actually very talented
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