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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Timi Dakolo And His Ego Booster!

When R & B singer, Timi Dakolo posted the photo of a house on his Instagram and wrote, "i give the perfect gift...mrs Bukola Dakolo, beat that!!!", everyone was tripping for such a beautiful gift to his lovely wife on Valentine.
Pronto, Channels TV 'Rubbin Minds' hijacked him Sunday and asked him if he truly bought his wife the house. And gbam! He denied it. After all the hype- free hype. But seriously, why did he post that photo and wrote such  in the first place and what for? 

To boost his reputation or to put him 'in the public eye again' after the reality TV show?
And for him to have been invited by Channels' "Rubbin Minds" for a sharp interview, that means his strategy really worked.
I'm sure the presenter of the show would have been as disappointed as I was to hear Timi say he didn't actually buy her the house.
And oh, Timi, that was an outstanding performance you gave at Darey's show on Saturday.
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