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Monday, March 17, 2014

Anna Banner is searching for a boyfriend

Not only is she beautiful, she’s also down to earth. Stunning and current Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria, Anna Banner sat with NET in a chat where she revealed loads about herself, plus her relationship status and how she lost the Miss World beauty pageant. Excerpt:
How was the ‘Miss World’ experience?

Miss World was fantastic, awesome and off the hook, and also annoying especially because it was a coming together of girls of different races and orientations, and everyone had different behaviours that could be annoying and hard to relate with. But I was able to relate more with contestants from Indonesia, India, Guam, Jamaica, Belize, Bahamas, Ghana, Zambia and South Sudan.
I was friends with those people and we really had a blast. We didn’t really see it as a
competition but as a fun experience.
What would you attribute to your failure to at least make the top 10 list at the pageant?
I don’t know what exactly, but I know I did my best. Another thing that might have contributed was that before Miss World, I was sick, so I didn’t really have much time to prepare. I fell ill around the middle of August and Miss World was September 3rd. I was down with Malaria, and was in the hospital for like five days. After I came out of the hospital, I had to rest for a further one week, so I had little time to get the things I needed for the pageant. You are expected to bring traditional costumes, flag, historic books and so many requirements that I needed to take, but my illness prevented me from going fully prepared. But I thank God for everything.
And when asked whether she plans to remain single she said:
“Why should I plan to remain single? I am single for now but I don’t plan to remain single. When I have a boyfriend, everybody will know.”
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