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Monday, March 10, 2014

cossy orjiakor opens on career

Nollywood actress and singer Cossy Orjiakor was present at The Sun Awards and opened up with Tony Ogaga Erhariefe and Christian Agadibe. She spoke on her career and current project.
One of the biggest statements of her discussion was she could have acted in a porn film if she would have been given an opportunity. Cossy agreed that she was not much active for some time as she was busy in her personal life.

Moreover, she has been working on reality TV shows. "I have this large heart for giving back, so I want to have a reality TV show where the winners would be encouraged to bring forth proposals which I would sponsor", said Cossy.
But she said it would be great if she could arrange sponsors. Cossy is active in Nollywood for the past 10 years and when asked about the happiest moment of it, she said it was when she started getting recognition for her work.
Asked about her saddest moment, she says there are many. She really gets upset after seeing false stories like Cossy has HIV; she had sex with a dog and other things. A few years back, it was all over the media that Cossy had got her boobs insured with a large amount.
Cossy said the report was completely false. She termed the story to be a fake one and does not know from where it came, but she found it funny. She thinks it might have come from fake blogger who make even fake stuff look real.
Secret behind Cossy's happiness is she always tries to see comic side of everything, especially when she is in a difficult situation. Physical fitness is the first thing Cossy looks out in a man and she also love abs. On porn movies, she said she is open to acting but will never go nude.
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