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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ghanaian Rapper, EL Turns Down Actress Nikki's Advances

Been a while since I last heard about a lady proposing to a guy but it has happened right there in Ghana.
Actress and TV Presenter, Nikki Samonas openly declared in an interview with Showbiz last week that she'd crazy in love with rapper EL and that she'd love to date him.
 “I wish to date someone like E.L, he is cute and I go crazy anytime I see him. Although I haven’t got the opportunity to tell him yet I hope to meet him and pour my heart out to him”
 But too bad, EL has openly turned down her advances, saying he's already engaged. 

“It is a compliment for a beautiful girl like Nikki to say such things about me. In fact, she is also my kind of girl but it is unfortunate I am engaged to someone else” the artiste, EL, told Showbiz last Monday.
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