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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Iyanya on Yvonne Nelson, His Fluctuating Relationship Status & Criticism

Nigerian music star Iyanya reveals in an interview with iCampus Newspaper, the scoop on his relationship status, his ex Yvonne Nelson and criticism.
Read excerpts below;
On Nollywood: “I respect a lot of directors of some movies I have seen recently. Also Nollywood actors and actresses who have gone into producing their own movies have done well for themselves. But I feel like our stories are too predictable, no disrespect. There’s no suspense. I feel like you can just watch a Nollywood movie that you have never seen or heard of and tell the way it’s going to end before it does. But trust me; if any director partners with me to do a movie, it will be awesome.”
On filming a movie with Yvonne Nelson: “I have never been with her on a movie set so I don’t know how comfortable I will be.”
On if he’ll be comfortable shooting with her: “I don’t have any problem. I am doing business. I am not here for celebration or family ties. If you want me to do a movie with anybody, pay me and I will do it.”
On a sex scene with Yvonne Nelson: “I didn’t say that oh. It’s you that said it oh. I said pay me. Later I go see am for twitter that Iyanya said he will do a sex scene with Yvonne Nelson then the girl go come dey talk nonsense on top Twitter. Abeg oh!”
On Nigerian music today: “Nigerian music is music right now. I’ve travelled a lot and I’ve seen things. When they play Nigerian songs, I see the reaction. Our music has put Nigeria on the map; it’s one of the reasons many people know Nigeria. Its high time artistes get the support that they deserve. You don’t know what it means when Nigerians sell out O2 arena, or when Chinese people or white people are doing moves to Kukere? If you google it now, you will be amazed. We will be taking over the world.”
On relationship status: “Oh boy, it’s the two these days. Sometimes I am single; sometimes I’m in a relationship. You fit see me tomorrow and I go tell you say, “Oh boy, I don break up oh.” I fit wake up say I no do again. Then next tomorrow, I can be in a relationship. The thing just dey fluctuate. It’s not a do or die thing. Relationship isn’t what I’m after right now, I’m after the money. My problem is to make money and have like 20 houses in this Lagos – Island and Mainland. I want house for London, everywhere, so when people talk too much, I go just comot go my house for London go chill. How many relationship dey last without money? I’m just a natural guy. I’m a real Gee.”
On his fans: “I love my fans. I pray they keep believing. I pray they keep praying for me. I pray they see me as human. The fact that I am Iyanya doesn’t mean I can’t make mistakes. They should know that, and correct me constructively. They should not just start abusing me on twitter. That’s childish. They abuse you and when you abuse them back it becomes an issue. I think they just want to get attention. You don’t want to know the things I ignore. If I check my twitter now, someone is abusing me. We have never met but they are abusing me. The only relationship they have with me is my song. So it’s not cool.
On the criticism: “Ehn.. person go dey inside studio dey hustle hard to do music make una happy. You go manage gather 1500 or even pay BIS for one week dey abuse person wey dey hustle. It’s not kool. They should try to understand…”
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