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Friday, March 7, 2014

Kanye West Makes Surprise ‘Arsenio’ Appearance,Big Sean and Rick Ross were there, too

Arsenio Hall is having a big week for musical guests: Kanye West dropped in Thursday, a night after Prince took over the show.
Rick Ross was Thursday's official musical guest, but he didn't actually appear until almost three minutes into his song, “Sanctified.” Big Sean started it off, and then Kanye sprinted out on stage.
Prince's appearance Wednesday boosted ratings for “The Arsenio Hall Show” by 56 percent over its average for the February sweeps period. His Purple Badness answered fan questions about when he
last watched “Purple Rain” (he watched one song when it came on TV a few days ago) and whether he's ever bought anything from an infomercial (“What's an infomercial?” he asked).
Watch Rick Ross, Kanye West and Big Sean perform “Sanctified”:
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