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Monday, March 10, 2014

lizzy gold reveals more about herself

Beauty queen Lizzy Gold Onuwaje, who won the Delta State Pageant as Miss Delta State in 2006, shared her views and aspirations while touching a number of topics about her personal and professional life in a recent interview.
Lizzy Gold revealed that she had cried and felt very bad when she tried her hands at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant but could finish only as the second runner-up. She said when a person goes for a competition, he/she has a hope of winning and when he/she don't, it is very terrible.
Sharing how crushing the experience was for her, she said, "I cried. I felt so bad. It's a very terrible experience that's not good for anyone. I f you go for a competition, you have the hope of winning and when you don't, it's very terrible."

But that failure could not stop her from venturing further. Being passionate about acting, she then joined Nollywood. She enrolled in a film school, received trained to be an actress and did a lot of films.
She admitted that it was very challenging for her, particularly when it came to getting into characters. She stressed that an actor has to assume that he/she is the character in the script.
She added that her boyfriend was very sceptical about her entering into the film industry, but her breakup with him was not because of that. She admitted that she dumped him last year because he didn't have much money and he didn't have any push as her kind of man.
Between 2012 and now, Lizzy Gold claims to have performed in more than thirty films, after making her debut in 'Shotgun'.
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