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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Smiljan Radic to Design Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London

An otherworldly structure will touch down on the grounds of Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens this summer. Chilean architect Smiljan Radic is the fourteenth architect to design a temporary summer pavilion for the gallery, which will host a series of parties and events inside the building throughout the season. Resembling an enormous shell or an oversized skipping stone balanced on boulders, the design has drawn comparisons to everything from a product of a pagan civilization to an alien spaceship. th Century to the start of the 19th.” We call it awesome. The design comes after Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto’s popular pavilion of last summer, which with its crisscrossed white rods resembled a cloud and received almost 200,000 visitors in 2013. In past years, the space has featured pavilions designed by architects including Frank Gehry and Jean Nouvel.“Externally, the visitor will see a fragile shell suspended on large quarry stones,” Mr. Radic said of the design. “This shell, white, translucent and made of fiberglass, will house an interior
organized around an empty patio, from where the natural setting will appear lower, giving the sensation that the entire volume is floating. Mr. Radic, who lives and works in Chile, said the structure’s draw will only increase after sunset. “At night, thanks to the semi-transparency of the shell, the amber tinted light will attract the attention of passers-by like lamps attracting moths.”
 Mr. Radic, 48, called the design “part of the history of small romantic constructions seen in parks or large gardens, the so-called follies, which were hugely popular from the end of the 16
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