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Friday, March 7, 2014

Woman found sleeping in Justin Bieber's Atlanta home

Police in Atlanta have caught a woman they say was found sleeping in a bedroom at a house rented by Justin Bieber.
Sandy Springs police say 23-year-old Qianying Zhao of nearby Doraville was discovered at 5pm on Wednesday.
She told officers she was there to go to the pop star's birthday party and got in through an unlocked door.
The home, which is owned by music producer Dallas Austin, was unoccupied at the time.
Police say the party was held somewhere else, earlier in the week.

Justin Bieber (R) exits from the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Centre on January 23, 2014Justin Bieber on the phone

Zhao told officers she was Bieber's friend, police added, but investigators believe she's one of millions of fans who follow him on Twitter.
She faces a charge of criminal trespass.
This week police have also released a video showing Bieber urinating.
He was giving a sample for a drug test following his arrest by police in Miami Beach on 23 January on a charge of driving under the influence.
The 20-year-old musician is back in Miami for a legal deposition unrelated to his January arrest.
He was ordered to take part in a videotaped deposition on Thursday as part of a civil lawsuit filed against him by a Miami Beach paparazzo.
Photographer Jeffrey Binion says one of Bieber's bodyguards assaulted him while the photographer was taking pictures of the star outside a recording studio called The Hit Factory.
He says he also had his memory card taken from his camera.
Bieber was originally supposed to be deposed in January but couldn't make it because he was in jail in Miami after police accused him of driving under the influence and drag racing.
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