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Sunday, October 4, 2015

"I can't rap in Yoruba,"- Mode 9

Veteran Nigerian rap act, Mode 9 has revealed why it would be difficult for him to 'spit' rhymes in his native language, Yoruba.The Cry rapper admits that while he can rap in English Language effortlessly, such can not be said of his abilities to rap in Yoruba.
In a chat with Vanguard Newspaper, the 30 Days of Mode 9 inventor said, "No, I can’t do that, you know why? If there are people doing something and they can do it better than you, there is no point in doing it too because they are already way ahead of you."With several rap acts getting more accolades and encomiums for their dexterity in
rapping in the Nigerian indigenous language, Mode 9 has revealed that he won't be trying to shoot himself in the leg by following their path. Speaking further, he said, 'It is harder for me to write a Pidgin English song than a normal English song. I can rap in English effortlessly. I don’t just write anything, I try to be clever with words like when I said, ‘They be bungalow brains, nothing upstairs;’ it’s a punch line, but it was done in Pidgin English.’
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