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Thursday, October 8, 2015

MUSIC: Beyonce Paris PDA Photos With Jay Z Prove Divorce Rumors?

Latest updates about Beyonce Knowles and husband Jay Z appeared to be debunking divorce rumors.In a report by the Hollywood Take, it was alleged that the 34-year-old former lead singer of R & B girl group Destiny's Child could just be hiding her growing baby bump by wearing overalls."Beyonce has worn overalls twice in the past few months, so is she using them to hide a baby bump?" the site stated.The Hollywood Take
revealed that in a leaked snap taken during a performance at a private tech party, the "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) singer "showed a possible baby bump." Could this be a reason that Beyonce and Jay Z's divorce allegations must finally be put to rest?In another gathering for the Global Citizen Festival last weekend, the site reported that "some also claimed that Beyoncé looked pregnant in mesh bodysuit photos." However, with such an outfit, Hollywood Take commented that it could be impossible that the Queen Bey is hiding something (or someone) inside her tummy.
It can be recalled that before divorce stories went viral, Beyonce has already been intrigued to be pregnant with her second child with Jay Z in January this year, something which could have been fired up with her outfits."Fans couldn't help but notice how much she covered up her stomach in paparazzi photos this summer," the report said. "She's also worn overalls twice, which could hide a baby bump."In the meantime, Radar Online disclosed that a body language expert believed that the PDA photos of the couple during their Paris trip were "incredibly staged" and "very fake."
"This is perhaps the most obvious photo of them all that this is completely staged," body language expert to the stars Dr. Lillian Glass reportedly said. "This kiss is so fake because when you really kiss someone, your head tilts to the side more, which shows intimacy and passion." "These two are making sure to get their entire face in the frame," she added. "Also, look at Jay Z's facial expression. He is clearly very unhappy." What do you think about these recent reports on Beyonce and Jay Z's divorce talks?
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