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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

For Fashion Designer Christian Siriano, No Size Is Out Of Style

Christian Siriano has been designing clothing since he was a teenager. He's 31 now, and for the past decade he and his company have been making clothing for women of all shapes and sizes.You could say Siriano is having a moment: Michelle Obama wore one of his dresses to the Democratic National Convention in July, he featured five plus-size models at September's New York Fashion Week and he dressed nine of the stars on the red carpet for this year's Emmys. Off the red carpet, Siriano has a clothing line with Lane Bryant — a national chain for plus-size women — and he has designed shoes for
The designer tells NPR's Ari Shapiro that, high-end or discount, he has always been inclusive in his designs, and that inclusiveness goes back to the women in his family.
"I had my mom, who was super fashionable, but my mom was a size 16 growing up; and my sister was really into clothes but a size zero," he says. "So I had this really interesting world always around me."After he launched his company, Siriano says: "We just had every size customer coming asking for things. So it just felt very normal from Day 1 in the company."
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