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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

‘American Idol’ Recap: The Judges Narrow Down The Contestants To The Top 24

It’s judgment day! The judges make their final decisions about who will round out their top 24. Find out who made the cut and who didn’t by checking out our recap!
Layla Spring is up first. She has to perform one last time for the judges and a live audience before the judges make their big decision. She slays Tina Turner’s “Rolling on the River.” This little country princess is just adorable! The judges are a little scared to send 16 year olds through, but Layla’s the exception. Michael Woodard is the next to be judged. He tackles an Alanis Morisette’s “You Oughtta Know” and blows the judges away. It doesn’t take long for the judges to tell him that he’s going through to the top 24! Katy Perry’s crush Trevor Holmes sings Niall Horan’s “Slow Hands” for the showcase. Katy can’t help but swoon, but she just wanted to see more from him. Trevor is the first

person NOT to be a part of the top 24. Gabby Barrett is going all out for her showcase by singing a Carrie Underwood song. Despite the initial hesitation, Katy and Luke Bryan are pleasantly surprised by her rendition. She wants this opportunity to help out her family and make her dreams come true. Katy admits she’s not yet convinced, but they’re giving her one more shot! Thaddeus Johnson has been in this situation before. Back in season 9, this is moment he got cut. Well, he’s giving it his all one more time. He thinks he’s ready. He performs a powerhouse rendition of Jill Scott’s “Hate on Me.” When he goes to the judges for his final judgment, he’s near tears. Despite his incredible performances, he’s cut by the judges. His family, friends, and Ryan Seacrest are absolutely shocked. Michelle Sussett breaks out the Bruno Mars for her showcase performance. And after one amazing performance, she’s part of your top 24, as well as Dominique, Trevor McBane, Maddie Poppe, Ron Bultongez, and Alyssa Raghu. Catie Turner is up next, and she’s extremely nervous about the final judgment. She takes a huge risk by singing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” She switches up the arrangement and slows it way down. Katy gives her a standing ovation, but she doesn’t think it was Catie’s best performance. Luke begs to differ. Katy leaves her hanging for a hot minute, but Catie’s made the top 24! She completely breaks down in tears. Unfortunately, other contestants like Milo Sposato, Les Greene, Britney Holmes, and William Casanova do not make it through. Jurnee wows everyone (and makes me cry all the tears) by singing “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman. Her wife is right there when she breezes right through to the top 24. Shannon O’Hara sings Katy’s “Unconditionally” for her showcase. With those vocals, she’s an instant shoo-in for the top 24. Amelia Hammer Harris and Brandon Diaz join her as well! Noah Davis plays the piano for his rendition Lady Gaga’s “You and I.” Despite his efforts, his performance is shaky at best. He’s not going to the top 24, but they tell him to come back next year! Harper Grace, Carly Moffa, Samothias, Lee Vasi, and Victoria McQueen also don’t make the cut. Ada Vox, a.k.a. Adam Sanders, brings down the house with a powerful interpretation of Radiohead’s “Creep.” Adam was eliminated before in season 12, but he’s hoping Ada is his big second chance. He’s right! Ada will be hitting hte stage once again as a top 24 contestant! Jonny Brenns breezes through to the top 24, and so does Mara Justine and Caleb Lee Hutchinson. Garrett Jacobs and Laine Hardy have formed a friendship on this journey, but they’re not moving forward together. Garrett gets a spot in the top 24, while Laine does not. Cade Foehner is a go for the top 24. Maddie Zahm sings P!nk’s “What About Us” for the showcase, while Effie Passero belts out “The Dance” by Garth Brooks. Do they both go through? No. Effie makes it, but Maddie does not. What a bummer. Marcio and Dennis Lorenzo are brought in together for the final judgment of the night. Katy reveals that they’re both a part of the top 24, and Marcio immediately bursts into tears. The American Idol top 24 is rock solid!
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