Ajoke Silva Unveils the Secrets: Rewriting the Narrative on Intimacy After Menopause

In a candid revelation on the Africa Magic docuseries, “The Rabors Forever After,” veteran Nollywood actress Ajoke Silva challenges age-old misconceptions surrounding the intimacy of older women. Silva passionately addresses the stereotype that suggests “older women are not as sexually active as younger women,” debunking this notion and advocating for a redefined perspective on marital relationships.

Silva criticizes the idea that men naturally become more polygamous as they age and require younger companions. Dismissing this as a “load of crock,” she delves into the topic of post-menopausal women and their sexual vitality. Contrary to the belief that women lose interest in sex and childbearing after menopause, Silva encourages them not to settle into a passive mindset. Instead, she suggests utilizing supplements and lubricants to rejuvenate and enhance their sex lives.

The actress highlights the relaxation that comes with post-menopausal life, emphasizing the absence of chemical interventions for both contraception and pregnancy. Silva challenges the societal norms, proclaiming, “You’re saying you’re comfortable [not being sexually active]. You’re so much more relaxed. There are things for dryness. Lubricants for both parties.”

In unveiling these intimate secrets, Ajoke Silva sparks a conversation that challenges stereotypes and embraces the idea that a healthy sex life is not bound by age but can be sustained through openness, communication, and the exploration of alternatives.

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