Catherine Deneuve Sparkles in Paris: Unveiling Festive Delights at Printemps

French icon Catherine Deneuve added a touch of glamour to Paris as she inaugurated the holiday shopping season with a charming ribbon-cutting ceremony for Printemps’ Christmas window displays on Boulevard Haussmann. The department store came alive with fluttering tags under awnings, and whimsical puppet seagulls and owls crafted from paper took flight in the windows, nestled among piles of wish lists.

Deneuve, 80, admired the store’s displays, describing them as a “very poetic idea.” The festive ambiance marked the beginning of the crucial end-of-year season for European retailers. September posed challenges, with unusually warm weather hindering winter collection sales amid rising living costs affecting fashion and accessory spending. However, cooler temperatures in October and November spurred a rebound in sales, according to Stephane Roth, the general manager of marketing, communication, and architecture at the Printemps group.

The acclaimed actor, known for her role as former French first lady Bernadette Chirac in the satire film “Bernadette,” shared her holiday plans, revealing that she hadn’t started preparations yet, emphasizing that it’s only November. Deneuve, who usually spends the holidays in the countryside with family, spoke of her love for grand Christmas tree decorations, including large boxes to reach the ceiling.

When it comes to holiday meals, Deneuve recommends sticking with the classics, citing foie gras and chestnuts as her favorites. Fondly reminiscing about childhood holidays, she recalled the excitement of opening presents with her three sisters and the delight of receiving a small pink desk as a surprising and wonderful gift.

As Paris embraces the festive spirit, Catherine Deneuve’s elegant presence and the enchanting Printemps displays set the stage for a dazzling holiday season in the heart of the city.

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