Controversial Twist: Portable Calls Out Oladips for Death Hoax Drama

In a startling turn of events, controversial singer Portable has taken a swipe at his colleague, rapper Oladips, accusing him of orchestrating a death hoax to boost the promotion of his upcoming album. The controversy unfolded when Oladips’ management declared his supposed demise on social media, only to be contradicted by fellow artist Qdot, asserting that Oladips is very much alive.

The conflicting narratives sparked a viral sensation, with Qdot sharing a picture of Oladips and affirming, “@oladipsoflife my gee is alive.”

In a fiery response captured in a viral video, Portable, who is gearing up to release his album titled ‘Street Donjazzy,’ expressed his disdain for Oladips’ alleged publicity stunt. He vehemently rejected the idea of using his own life in such a manner and criticized Oladips for resorting to such drastic measures to promote his new album.

“I’m not tired of life now. I’m still very much alive. I can’t use my own life to play in such a way because I’m still very much happy with life. I will not use my death to promote an album,” declared Portable, adding a layer of drama to the unfolding controversy.

As the saga continues, the clash between Portable and Oladips adds an unexpected twist to the music industry’s promotional strategies, fueling intrigue and speculation among fans and followers.

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