Davido’s Vision Unveiled: The Birth of ‘Are We African Yet? (AWAY) Festival

In a revealing conversation with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, renowned Afrobeat sensation Davido opened up about the inspiration behind creating the ‘Are We African Yet? (AWAY) Festival.’ The acclaimed musician shared his passion for nurturing emerging talent and providing a platform for upcoming artists to shine.

Davido’s motivation stems from his experiences in America, where he would hear a song and recognize its African roots. In the interview, he expressed, “When I was going out in America and I hear a song, I am like, ‘this is an African song.’ So I was excited and told my friends that this is a young guy that is coming up.”

The festival, according to Davido, is a testament to his desire to offer opportunities to budding artists. He recounted an instance where he personally reached out to a rising artist after hearing their song in a club, highlighting the thrill of discovering fresh talent.

“I want to give those types of people the opportunity to come every year, at different times to perform,” Davido explained, unveiling his vision for the ‘AWAY’ Festival. As the Afrobeat icon steps into the role of a mentor and curator, the festival promises to be a dynamic platform fostering the growth and exposure of promising artists in the vibrant world of African music.

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