Legal Battle Unleashed: Portable’s Wife Takes Stand Against DJ Chicken’s Alleged Blackmail Plot

In a startling turn of events, Omobewaji Ewatomi, the wife of the controversial singer Portable, has taken legal action against DJ Chicken, accusing him of a menacing threat to release her intimate moments in a sex tape. The unfolding drama reached the public eye when Ewatomi shared the details of her petition against DJ Chicken on her Instagram page, shedding light on the alleged criminal activities that have disrupted her family’s life.

The petition, dated November 10 and addressed to the Nigerian Police, outlines Ewatomi’s accusations against DJ Chicken, identified as Abiodun Ademola. In the document, she describes the DJ’s actions as making life unbearable for her and her family. Ewatomi, a law-abiding woman and a mother happily married to Portable, unfolds the distressing encounter with DJ Chicken, who reportedly threatened to expose her on social media.

“I wish to bring to your notice the criminal activities of the aforementioned person and his cohorts, who have vowed to make life unbearable for me and my family,” the petition states. Ewatomi recounts a disturbing phone call from DJ Chicken, where he allegedly threatened to publish a video of her engaging in intimate activities unless she cooperated with his demands.

As the legal battle unfolds, the clash between Portable’s wife and DJ Chicken adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing drama, capturing the attention of audiences eager to witness the resolution of this tumultuous situation. Stay tuned for updates as the legal proceedings progress.

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