Music Feud Unleashed: Mr Real Accuses Idowest of Song Theft in Explosive Revelation

In a sensational revelation, Nigerian singer Okafor Uchenna Victor, popularly known as Mr Real, has ignited a music feud by accusing rapper Idowest of alleged song theft. Mr Real claims that the Mafia Music boss stole his chart-topping hit, ‘Shekpeteri,’ from a disc jockey and hijacked it to feature Slimcase in his version.

In a video message circulating on social media, Mr Real pulls no punches, accusing Idowest of greed and asserting that this alleged theft impacted his earnings from the hit song ‘Legbegbe,’ which featured the rapper. The singer contends that the virality of ‘Legbegbe’ and ‘Shekpeteri’ should have translated into substantial financial gains, but Idowest’s actions hindered their success.

In a scathing address to Idowest, Mr Real exclaims, “You didn’t allow us to make money because of your greed. You are a greedy modaf**ker. Unfortunate fellow. Depression will kill you until you come and apologize to me and Slimcase.” The singer goes on to unveil the origins of ‘Shekpeteri,’ claiming it was initially owned by a DJ and recorded by a group of boys before Idowest allegedly seized the song and collaborated with Slimcase.

This explosive revelation sets the stage for a music feud that exposes alleged misconduct in the industry. As fans and followers await Idowest’s response, the unfolding drama promises to shed light on the complexities and controversies within the Nigerian music scene.

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