Nicki Minaj Sparks Frenzy with Surprise Nigerian Tour Announcement!

Nicki Minaj’s global fanbase is ablaze with excitement as the rap sensation hints at expanding her world tour to Nigeria. The revelation comes after an enthusiastic Nigerian fan expressed disappointment over Africa’s omission from the initial tour locations.

In a lively exchange on social media, user @RamatVictory, lamenting the exclusion of Africa, posted, “Once again, African barbz bite dust. Oh well.” Unfazed, Nicki Minaj responded through her verified handle, urging fans to sign up and ensure their city is included in the African leg of the tour.

Thrilled by the prospect, @RamatVictory joyfully declared, “Abeg no vex Nicki, I no go complain again. Oya Naija barbz, make una go sign up sharp, sharp.” To this, Nicki Minaj playfully added, “Naija no de carry last,” cementing the anticipation for an unforgettable tour experience in Nigeria.

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