Omawumi’s ‘More’: A Diverse Musical Odyssey Packed with Demands and Dazzling Genres

In ‘More,’ Omawumi delivers the signature music that has made her a standout figure in the Nigerian music scene, catering to a wide spectrum of listeners with her impressive range.

For over a decade, Omawumi has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music industry, blending genres with her powerful vocals and creating music that not only satisfies but also sparks contemplation.

Released amidst the thriving commercial boom of Nigerian mainstream music, ‘More’ showcases Omawumi’s versatility across various genres, crafting music that resonates with diverse demographics.

In this project, Omawumi calls for improvement in romantic and personal relationships, seeks more from a higher power that has guided her success, demands accountability from leaders, and encourages a more aware and conscious society.

Reflecting on her musical journey, Omawumi revisits the gratitude theme in ‘Thank God,’ reminiscent of her collaboration with Da Grin in 2009. This Afrobeats Gospel record, enriched with familiar Log drum sounds, caters to mainstream sensibilities.

As one of Nigeria’s premier R&B voices, Omawumi takes a nostalgic turn on an R&B cut featuring Trap rap star Psycho YP, blending American-styled R&B with a plea for more from a lackadaisical lover.

Teaming up with Yemi Alade on Afrobeats R&B cuts, the duo transports listeners back to the early 2010s, while ‘YOLO’ sees Omawumi collaborate with Timi Dakolo and Cobhams Asuquo, delivering a feel-good record celebrating the good life.

Dazzling across Dancehall, Highlife, and Folk records, Omawumi explores various genres on ‘More.’ On ‘Try,’ a Reggae record, she addresses relationship disappointments with breathtaking adlibs that overshadow her brilliant writing.

Flamenco meets Jazz horns and Highlife strings in ‘No Be Play,’ where Omawumi invokes a higher power to ease her worries. In the defiant ‘Fear,’ a Gospel-style record, her harmonies, delivery, arrangement, and backup vocals create a powerful musical journey.

Adding a didactic touch, ‘Auzubillah’ mocks politicians for their recycled promises, offering a stark reflection on the gullible population.

In conclusion, ‘More’ not only showcases Omawumi’s renowned musical prowess but also caters to every listener’s taste. While she may navigate her comfort zone, it’s a realm few can explore, making her a truly special artist.

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