Paris Hilton’s Extravaganza: A Three-Day Affair of Love, Luxury, and Fairy-Tale Dreams

In an opulent spectacle that left no detail unattended, Paris Hilton and venture capitalist Carter Reum celebrated their union in a three-day wedding extravaganza designed to redefine luxury.

From champagne tours to caviar stations and a sea of custom designer gowns, every element was meticulously curated to evoke the iconic Paris Hilton charm, prompting guests to exclaim, “That’s hot.”

Paris, the OG influencer, found her perfect prince in Carter Reum, emphasizing the importance of genuine love and kindness. What began as a friendship transformed into something more during a Thanksgiving gathering in 2019, setting the stage for their extraordinary journey.

The chosen date, Nov. 11, 2021, held special significance for the couple. Explaining her fondness for 11:11, Paris shared, “It’s my reminder to make a wish and be open to miracles. This date is special to Carter and I—it represents our love story.”

The venue, her late grandfather Barron Hilton’s former Bel-Air estate, fulfilled a childhood dream for Paris. With 13 bedrooms and an enchanting backdrop, it became the fairy-tale setting she envisioned.

As Paris glided down the mirrored aisle in a custom Oscar de la Renta gown, the result of months of planning and 1,400 hours of hand embroidering, planner Mindy Weiss ensured every detail was flawlessly executed. From the installation of four bars to the creation of an oversized floral lawn arrangement, the team left no stone unturned.

The wedding unfolded like a dream, with Paris slipping into Aquazzurra heels, clutching a bouquet of white roses, and being serenaded by Kim Petras, who performed a surprise rendition of Paris’s 2006 chart-topper, ‘Stars Are Blind.’

“If I didn’t have butterflies before, I definitely had them then,” Paris reflected on her website. The surreal moment encapsulated the magic of her wedding—a union of love, luxury, and the realization of childhood fantasies.

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