Rare Claude Monet Painting Emerges from Private Collection, Expected to Fetch Millions in Paris Auction

A remarkable work by the renowned French impressionist master, Claude Monet, is poised to make its debut on the art auction stage in Paris. After more than seven decades tucked away in private hands since 1948, Monet’s splendid landscape masterpiece, “Les Saules, Giverny” (“The Willows, Giverny”), painted in 1886, is expected to command a price of up to 3 million euros ($3.22 million), according to auction house Ader.

This sought-after painting marks a rare occurrence on the French art market, where Monet’s creations have grown increasingly scarce. Among the diverse selection of approximately three dozen lots at the forthcoming Ader auction, which focuses on impressionist and modern art, this Monet gem stands as a significant highlight. The event is scheduled to unfold at the iconic Hotel Drouot on November 24, drawing art enthusiasts from far and wide.

David Nordmann, an auctioneer at Ader, shared his insights on the significance of this unveiling. “Paintings of Claude Monet of this scale, of this dimension no longer really exist among French families. They’re found mostly in big museums or in foreign collections, but it’s very rare to find them in France,” he remarked during a preview of the sale, emphasizing the substantial occasion this represents for the French art market.

Although “Les Saules, Giverny” may not carry the same level of recognition as Monet’s iconic water lilies or the captivating Gare Saint Lazare paintings, which have commanded staggering prices soaring up to 100 million euros, it undeniably showcases the artist’s signature style. The enchanting brushwork and the ethereal play of light in the piece encapsulate the essence of Claude Monet’s craft.

Claude Monet sought inspiration and tranquility in Giverny, a charming town situated to the west of Paris. From 1883 until his passing in 1926, he transformed a charming pink stucco house into his permanent residence and studio. Notably, the creation of a mesmerizing Japanese-style garden, complete with a serene pond of water lilies, further amplified his connection to Giverny and served as a muse for numerous masterpieces.

The upcoming auction isn’t limited to Monet’s mesmerizing creation. It also boasts a remarkable work by American painter Mary Cassatt. Her enchanting piece, “Portrait de Jeune Fille au Chapeau Blanc” (“Portrait of a Young Woman in a White Hat”), is estimated to fetch between 800,000 and 1.2 million euros, adding to the allure of this prestigious event.

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