Tragic Health Update: Nigerian Fashion Icon Jay Boogie Faces Kidney Crisis

In a distressing turn of events, Daniel Anthony Nsikan, the beloved Nigerian transgender figure and fashion icon, widely known as Jay Boogie, is grappling with the loss of both kidneys.

Loveth Jennifer, a close friend and medical professional, shared this dire news on Friday via her Instagram story. She revealed, “At this stage, Jayboogie needs a kidney transplant. Both kidneys have failed. We prayed and wished it never got to this stage, but this is it. I will drop other updates soon.”

Just two weeks ago, Jay Boogie gained widespread attention through a viral social media clip where he openly criticized a poorly executed surgery conducted by his doctor, putting his life at significant risk. The aftermath of the botched procedure has left him unable to urinate for nearly three weeks.

Stay tuned for further updates on this unfolding health crisis that has shaken the followers of Jay Boogie.

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